Laura Conneely


My story begins when I was at school. I remember approaching my Career Guidance Counsellor at around the age of 14 asking about taking up Art as a subject in school back in the early ‘80’s. However, he said there were no jobs in that area and to stick with my business subjects as they would facilitate me with a better job and career. Taking this advice, I continued with my business subjects. As a result, I worked in the business sector for over 20 years.


Homelife is the backdrop to the next part of my story. I spent a number of years at home raising my three children and in 2016, I felt it was time to move outside the home and maybe look at returning to work on a part time basis. In the years running up to 2016, I always found myself being drawn to anything creative and signing myself up for evening courses. For instance, photography, creative writing & dress making. Additionally, at this point, my husband suggested I return to College and to vent all my creativity. Up until this point, I never realised, I had spent years suppressing it.


A thirst for learning saw me applying to the College of Further Education, Dundrum, Dublin 14 to attend their Art, Craft & Design & Creative Textiles two year course. I was called to attend an interview and was also asked to bring along my portfolio.  As you can imagine having no portfolio or a body of work to show, consequently I was feeling completely out of my depth.  Above all I remember thinking ‘You have nothing to lose. Just go for it’.

Portfolio Work

It took a very busy four weeks to put together a portfolio and a body of work. Also, not really knowing what the college was looking for, nor their criteria, was difficult. To my delight and sheer astonishment I was accepted on the course. Therefore, I returned to College as a mature student for two years. This course opened the door to a whole new world of colour and creativity for me. It was the most challenging and hugely enjoyable two years of my life.


Since graduating, I have found that the course has hugely broadened my knowledge of Art, Craft & Design Industry and I have found a new passion for creative textile art. Thankfully, I have finally found my calling and love working professionally in this area. After that, I applied and obtained an Artist’s Exemption in early 2020. I want to contribute bringing our culture, heritage and diversity together in all my Art forms. My work is original, unique and strongly supports Ireland as a country with beautiful natural surrounds and landscapes. All my work is from sustainable and natural materials.


I would like to incorporate my creative writing, my photography and my love of creative textiles together in one unique three-dimensional package. As I move ahead, my story will see new chapters added. So come with me and follow my journey of true discovery!