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Welcome to my Irish Textile Art Blog

Thank you for visiting my Irish Textile Art blog. Hello and, firstly, a warm welcome to all of you!!  I hope, above all, you enjoy sharing a little of my life and my love for wool and textile art. Meanwhile, feel free to comment and share my posts on this blog. Please say hello to me on Facebook . You can view more of my work in the Gallery page.  In addition to the Gallery images, the process of commissioning a bespoke piece of Textile Art is described on the Commission Work page of this site.

Consequently, if you would like more information about the Textile Art  I create please contact me and we can work together on your dream Irish Textile Art piece.  As Picasso is said to have stated – “I begin with an idea … and then it becomes something else”. In other words, a journey begins with no real idea of the destination.  I find that combining different art forms and media can produce a piece of art with deep meaning.  So come with me and follow my journey of artistic discovery.

I am looking forward to sharing new work as the year progresses and  also new ideas for combining different approaches to my art. In conclusion, just as we perceive life in differing layers, I percieve art in a similar way. Art can be therapeutic and above all helps us to reflect and develop as people. So, in the words of Edward Hopper – “if I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint”.