forever home

Recycled wool and textiles can be used as a forever home present. I use needle felting needle felted wool in most of my pieces. Art scape working with wool. The inspiration came from walking the beaches and hills of my native Connemara on the West Coast of Ireland. Handmade in Ireland by Irish Textile Wool Artist Laura Conneely based in Dublin. Colourful art. Recycled art. Irish Textile Wool Landscapes made with recycled textile fabrics. Inspired by nature. Unique, bespoke, personalised gifts all handmade with love. Floral art using dried Irish wild flowers.

Unique, bespoke, personalised gifts for a forever home all needle felting handmade in Ireland. Floral art. Irish Art. Recycled Art. For me it is all about the colour, volume and texture in each and every piece of textile wool art design. It is very important to me to use sustainable products where possible and to recycle as much as I can.
I create pieces that bring a sense of peace and harmony into everyday life. With a surname like Conneely I originate from a small town in Connemara. Irish textile wool artist Laura Conneely has a website www.lauraconneelyart.ie

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